Kit Kat Cake
Kit Kat Cake
Price: ₹ 910
We have all been around the Kit Kats and chocolate cake, so just for your special treat, we have clubbed both of them for the yummy experience.
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From the kitchens of Ahmedabad, the city of celebration and nonstop fun, Fresh-n-Fresh uses its unique talents to turn the finest ingredients into your finest memories of celebration. We maintain the highest standards in creativity, freshness and taste to create cakes that are unique and decadent.

For Fresh-n-Fresh, creating beautiful and delicious cakes is much more than a day's work — it's what makes the day worthwhile. And this passion is deliciously evident in our edible creations!

As part of our approach to fashioning memorable cakes, we work closely with our customers to be sure that the cake reflects their unique tastes and becomes an integral part of their celebration.

So to engage better with our customers we are going online to make their celebration more special!

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